Friday, August 01, 2008

Executive Strategies for Tough Times

I just finished reading this book on Abraham Lincoln and his leadership strategies exercised throughout the course of his life. It was an interesting read and re-affirmed for me some of the essentials for solid leadership (listed below).

- Get out of the office and circulate among the troops
- Build Strong Alliances
- Persuade rather than coerce
- Honesty and integrity are the best policies
- Never act out of vengeance or spite
- Have the courage to handle unjust criticism
- Be a master of paradox
- Exercise a strong hand - be decisive
- Lead by being led
- Set goals and be results-oriented
- Keep searching until you find your "Grant"
- Encourage innovation
- Master the art of public speaking
- Influence people through conversation and storytelling
- Preach a vision and continually reaffirm it

I'd recommend this book to anyone currently in a management position or aspiring to do so.