Saturday, July 03, 2010

Agile Portfolio Planning

This may help communicate / coordinate efforts that span multiple development teams and stakeholders.

Apropos is an open source agile planning tool focused on large team Agile Portfolio Planning. The typical use of Apropos would be an organization that:
* Uses an Agile development process like XP, Scrum, or Kanban
* Has multiple Agile teams that need to coordinate
* Makes use of an Agile Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool to track their team progress

The last point is very important. Apropos is designed to work in tandem with your existing ALM tool, not replace it. Most ALM tools do not provide the full tool set to support a Agile Project Portfolio Scheduling, which is where Apropos comes in.

Some of the benefits that you can realize from implementing an Agile Portfolio Process using Apropos as the foundation include:
* Synergies with downstream organizations such as Operations, Professional Services, and Sales
* Increased delivery value through organization-wide alignment of priorities
* Continuous improvement enabled by whole process feedback loops
* Realtime visibility into delivery status and potential blockages