Saturday, September 06, 2008


"Ajaxification", a word you won't yet find on Wikipedia, is a word that we use to describe the process of applying AJAX to a web-based applicaiton. The technology was introduced to me about 18 months or so ago and I must admit that at first I was reserved and a little hesitant to jump on board the bandwagon. So, we decided to just "test it out" with one of our apps. Well, let's just say it didn't take too long to "ajaxify" everything we'd built. Now it's an integral part of the OSS development framework and a technology that we liberally use. The benefits are huge (i.e. real-time page updates, partial page rendering for optimized UI performance, no more screen flickering and repeated full page loads, a richer user experience, and the list goes on. Dino Esposito, who is referred to by some in the software development industry as a "machine", wrote an article ( recently discussing in more depth Single-Page Interface and AJAX Patterns.

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