Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Typical Waterfall SDLC process (paraphrased)


1. Establish contact
a. Gather high-level description
b. Identify audience (i.e. everyone, line-of-business)
c. Define process (current process or something brand new)
d. Automation of manual process? New business model?
e. Who does this benefit? Authority? Budget?
f. Support Plan? Primary technical / business contacts?

2. Project Slating - Group Discussion
a. Decision point
b. Review scope of project
c. Develop Project charter
d. Review info gathered in contact phase
e. Is it related to something in environment already?
f. Is it a go, no-go?

3. Requirements
a. Understand project scope
b. Ideation
c. Analysis
d. Technical Assessment
e. Identify and document scope document
f. Given scoped-out detail, can we take this on? If so, create SOW.

4. Project Management
a. Define project timeline
b. Weekly update meetings
c. Customer facing / Team facing

5. Development

6. Closing Activities
a. UAT, Customer sign-off
b. Go gold -- move into Production
c. Implement support plan

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